Scientists prove same-sex mammals can make babies

A team of scientists in China managed to generate offspring created from the DNA of two mice of the same sex. This is the first time that such a feat is accomplished with mammals and it could have huge consequences for humans. In an article entitled "Generation of Bimaternal and Bipaternal Mice from These Hypomethylated […]

Gamer Gadgets

Cybershoes Virtual Reality Gaming Shoes

Enter your favorite virtual reality game with Cybershoes virtual reality gaming shoes. This device allows you to browse any virtual reality game using a natural motion. Cybershoes allow you to control your movements using your feet and legs, adding layers of immersion to any virtual reality experience. Tie the Cybershoes over your shoes in a […]

Mobile Gadgets

DxO ONE camera adds 1″ 20.2MP sensor and RAW shooting to iPhones

DxO, known for testing the quality of the camera among others, decided to jump into the hardware with the DxO ONE. This is a camera module that plugs into an Apple device that can capture RAW images with its 1 "20.2MP sensor behind a fast f / 1.8 lens. The DxO ONE uses a physical […]