Google’s iron grip on Android: Controlling open source by any means necessary

In light of the 1945 [5 000 milliards de dollars] antitrust decision of the EU against Google this week we began to notice some classic Ars story circulating around social media. Google's methods for controlling open source Android code and discouraging Android forks are exactly the kind of behavior with which the EU has a […]

Gamer Gadgets

Hubiz Audio Gaming Console

Play your favorite classic games with the Hubiz Audio Gaming Console. Suitable for all ages, this portable device combines classic dice and board games with modern technology. The audio game console consists of the Hub and several connected dice. The Hub is a console with a built-in speaker while the connected dice function as controllers. […]

Mobile Gadgets

DxO ONE camera adds 1″ 20.2MP sensor and RAW shooting to iPhones

DxO, known for testing the quality of the camera among others, decided to jump into the hardware with the DxO ONE. This is a camera module that plugs into an Apple device that can capture RAW images with its 1 "20.2MP sensor behind a fast f / 1.8 lens. The DxO ONE uses a physical […]