“The Linux of social media”—How LiveJournal pioneered (then lost) blogging

Enlarge / No spoilers, but with the departure of some fantastic high-level writer, LiveJournal seems to have been left as Jon Snow here. Last April, famed writer and murderer hero George R.R. Martin announced that he was nodding his old blog from LiveJournal, his old blog, to his personal website. For casual Game of Thrones […]

Gamer Gadgets

GAEMS Guardian Pro XP Personal Gaming Environment

Easily expand the scope of your games with the personal gaming environment GAEMS Guardian Pro XP. Ideal for serious, professional players, this professional-grade device delivers outstanding performance and portability for PC and console. Offering a 24-inch QHD IPS panel, the Guardian Pro X protects the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles and makes them more […]

Mobile Gadgets

DxO ONE camera adds 1″ 20.2MP sensor and RAW shooting to iPhones

DxO, known for testing the quality of the camera among others, decided to jump into the hardware with the DxO ONE. This is a camera module that plugs into an Apple device that can capture RAW images with its 1 "20.2MP sensor behind a fast f / 1.8 lens. The DxO ONE uses a physical […]