Meet Some of the Women Building Comcast’s Next-Generation IoT Experiences

By Ashley Reed, Human Resources for the Digital Home Team at Comcast Cable

For Engineers Internet of Things, There Is Much To Excite About These Days, One thing that has particularly inspired me – as a woman on the lookout for talented software engineers – is the # 39 Emergence of so many bright and vibrant women who help create the next generation of connected home experiences.

We still have a lot of work to do to create more diverse teams in software engineering, but the progress we've made as a technology community is inspiring. If you visit one of our IoT excellence centers in Philadelphia, Austin, or Silicon Valley, you will find a large number of scrum meetings that are primarily comprised of women led by women or both.

[19459001NousestWeessentialbecausethevariousteamsaremoreinnovativeInastudyconductedin2015byMcKinsey&Company Mckinsey found that more diversified firms are getting better financial results. All the evidence we have seen – both anecdotal and empirical – reinforces the real value of diverse teams

We also know that any progress we make has an amplifying effect.

When women engineers come to interview us, they often ask to talk with other women in the organization. Having so many talented and diverse people to refer to at all levels of our organization helps us attract critical talent.

There are too many stories to share, but I asked three of my colleagues to tell their stories. (19459009)

Jugnu Gupta is Senior Director of Product Management and directs IoT products. and the ecosystem partner for Comcast. It focuses on by building the technology behind the Xfinity Partner Program, which allows Xfinity customers to control a wide range of IoT devices such as Nest Thermostats, Philips Hue Lights. , and August Smart Locks, all of their Xfinity Home hubs.

Jugnu is also a leader of the team that built the connected house "Scenes" for Xfinity ]

This allows customers to create simple scenes like "Good Morning" or "Leaving" that prompts Xfinity Home to perform a number of Actions like turning on specific lights, arming or disarming the security system and adjusting the temperature.

For Jugnu, the work is motivated by a deep passion for the power of IoT to improve lives, and a firm belief that connected home experiences should be for everyone, not just techies, and early adopters. " I work very hard every day to build easy-to-understand experiments endre, allow and use continuously, "Jugnu said. "With custom-relevant recommendations for each customer, simple experiences, intuitive controls and automation, our customers can now use IoT products with minimal effort and even limited technical know-how to improve their life."

Creating Magic Through Simplicity

Tina Kim, Senior Product Manager of the Digital Home Team, did not start his career at Comcast on IoT products and experiments. Instead, she managed the powerful Platforms rule engine that the domiciled digital engineering team uses to build connected domestic products and services . For Tina, who is based in the Silicon Valley Office the IoT Group was only one of the many tenants using its platform

As she began working closely with the Xfinity Home team, she became a personal person converted to IoT, installing IoT devices at home to find the perfect balance. Now, she believes both in the potential of IoT, as well as in the importance to make it accessible to customers.

"I Imagine a future where automation lives through virtually every of our devices.The real magic happens when devices do what we want them to do with little or no user demand, "Tina said. "Imagine if you leave your house and your lights go out, the Wi-Fi network is locked, the garage opens and your car warms up. This is the future of 19459004 This future is now, and what comes down from the route is even more exciting. "

Creating Peace of Mind with Smarter Cameras

For Sarju Mehta, Senior Director of Software Development and Engineering in the United States. Xfinity Home team, working in IoT was a opportunity that she could not let pass. Sarju began his work at Comcast on the team that was building the company's e-commerce platform. While flourished in this team that adopted the pace and urgency of a new start-up, the attraction of meeting new challenges of engineering was too strong

Sarju is working on the team of the video platform, which focuses on the construction greater intelligence and functionality in the design recently redesigned. ] Xfinity Home Security Cameras. For the Xfinity Home customers, the cameras play a vital role to ensure peace of mind, and the Sarju team has worked to make them better and smarter. Enhancements included Artificial intelligence-assisted vision and more seamless integration with other Xfinity products including applications and the X1 platform.

"People use our cameras to have peace of mind in terms of security needs.My job is to ensure that the performance and reliability always remain in the forefront of our minds because they are essential to the success of our products, "said Sarju,

Looking to the future

Working with so many brilliant engineers (women and men), he feels eager to say it, but we Still needing more as we continue to offer new dynamic IoT experiences to customers, our need for talented engineers keeps growing. want to work with these women and more, check out our job offers

Digital Home .

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