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OnePlus Cardboard can now be ordered for free, though you do pay shipping

At the time he revealed that would launch his next VR smartphone OnePlus also created his own version of the official Google Card. The Chinese company has promised to make it available to people before its grand unveiling for OnePlus 2 to be held on July 27.

And now you can order one directly from the web site OnePlus . The rather surprising fact is that it's free. You only have to pay for the shipping, which is going to be $ 5 if you are in the United States, £ 5 if you are in the UK, or $ 7 if you are elsewhere. Europe.

The OnePlus carton will begin shipping on July 10th. It should therefore reach all interested people in time to be used to watch the OnePlus 2 ad through it. OnePlus is touted to have improved in several ways the original Google Cardboard design. The OnePlus Cardboard will perfectly suit the OnePlus One perfectly, but it is said that it works well with any smartphone that has a screen up to 6 inches.


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