The Promise of Artificial Intelligence-Enabled IoT

The next technological revolution is underway. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning coupled with more robust and competent devices are driving a transformation between industries and business sectors, from small farms in India to large ones. companies in the United States.

Ongoing and what does the AI-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) offer businesses in all industries? For a full discussion on this topic, I would suggest attending the IoT in Action event in San Francisco on Feb. 13 (more details on this later). For this article, we will turn to Microsoft's main storyteller, Steve Clayton, who discusses some key areas.

The advent of AI

AI has been around for decades. But as Steve summarizes in his interview, there have been three breakthroughs that have propelled artificial intelligence and the ability of computers to interact with their environment in a more humane way.

First and foremost, Big Data. A massive pile of data is generated from devices such as sensors, PCs, phones and others that can inform the AI. Secondly, cloud computing has come a long way – these days, there is an infinite capacity for cloud computing. And thirdly, there have been substantial breakthroughs in AI and machine learning, including in deep neural networks. Combined, they paved the way for AI activated IoT

Activation of peripherals on the edge

In addition to Steve's three references, a fourth now brings IoT to the brink. Until recently, AI and machine learning have been running in the cloud. It took device connectivity. But that changes. AI is moving more and more on the IoT devices themselves, reducing cloud dependency.

In his interview, Steve offers a fine example of the transformation of advanced devices even in traditionally technologically advanced industries. like agriculture. Farmers are always looking for ways to become more specific. They need data on temperature, density, and soil moisture – all vital information for making decisions about when to plant or rotate crops. But, how do you collect data in an environment where cloud connectivity is insufficient?

The answer is peripheral devices enabled by the AI. A Microsoft project called FarmBeats puts IoT technology in the hands of farmers, who use sensors in the field to collect data. These sensors perform the calculation on their own and store the information for later use, removing cloud dependency and allowing more informed decisions.

Transforming Job Offers

Of course, while IoT allows businesses in all countless industries unique scenarios, like any technological innovation, it also generates changes in the labor market. Although historically, automation has led to displacement, it has also led to new career opportunities that we had never dreamed of being created.

The same goes for AI activated IoT. Technology leaders like Microsoft anticipate these changes and associate with governments and other institutions. By working together to plan for changes in the labor market, employees can train to acquire the skills they need to take on new roles, while employers have skilled employees who can advance the business.

advances in machine learning, AI and IoT. New jobs are emerging today that we have never considered before, such as roles that look at biases in AI. In addition, the industry promises to generate a set of new career opportunities in the next three to five years, which we have not yet defined.

Participating in the IoT in Action – February 13 in San Francisco

While IoT continues to progress, we can expect to see IA solutions that are increasingly affordable and accessible in all industries and sizes of businesses in countries around the world. And it's time to transform your business with IoT.

To begin, I highly recommend you to register for the event IoT in Action February 13 in San Francisco . Delivered by Microsoft and ReadWrite, this free one-day event will give you the information you need to make sure AI-enabled IoT works for you. Discover the importance of the IoT opportunity and how to stand out in the industry.

Discover how an IoT solution comes to life as a team turns an ordinary refrigerator into a scalable intelligent cooling service. Explore how to overcome key security pitfalls. Plus, connect with partners who can help you move your IoT solution from concept to reality.

Watch the interview of Steve Clayton, Microsoft's leading storyteller here:

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