Lucnt SRL1 Smart Bike Tail Light

Stay visible and safe when driving your bicycle with Lucnt SRL1 intelligent taillight. Functioning as brake lights on a car, the Lucnt SRL1 uses several sensors and intelligent algorithms to detect your movements. Similarly, if you accelerate or slow down, the light automatically increases your visibility on the road and alerts drivers. In addition, Lucnt automatically activates using the magnets of the bike mount, so you do not need to remember to turn it on. Plus, you do not have to worry about emptying yourself if you do not use it. The compact rear light is also easy to assemble. Simply choose the position and insert the light on its magnetic seat support. If you want to remove it, just remove the light and put it in your pocket. The light will extinguish in a few seconds. Charge Lucnt with a micro-USB cable when it is weak.

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