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HP OMEN Gaming Mouse

Move with precision during your games with the HP OMEN Gaming Mouse. With or without Steelseries, the OMEN gaming mouse is the ideal tool that allows you to make quick decisions without having to think twice. Providing accurate motion, the OMEN by HP 600 Mouse alters your accuracy using a range of DPI levels from 800 to 1200. On the other hand, the OMEN by HP mouse with Steelseries offers true 1: 1 tracking with the best CPI adjustments in its class. The mouse also comes with handy buttons that allow you to change settings without disrupting your game or opening additional software. While the OMEN by HP 600 mouse connects to your device via a USB cable and is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems, the OMEN by HP mouse with Steelseries works with OMEN Laptops version 1.1, OMEN Desktop PC version 1.1 and OMEN X

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