Sonos One’s Alexa support comes to Canada

Sonos One users in Canada can now join their peers south of the border by shouting requests to their connected speakers – a free update released today allows Amazon Alexa on the Sonos One . The One was launched with the support of Alexa in the US, but although the speaker is available to Canadian buyers since the end of last year, Alexa's voice commands are new with the update.

This means that Canadians will be able to do extraordinarily Canadian things like requesting updates from The Weather Network, getting information on Air Canada flights, listening to reports from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and more. I know what all these things mean because I am Canadian myself.

Canadians also have relatively few options with regard to high-end smart speakers on the market: the Apple HomePod and the Google Home Max have not yet been launched in the country. Still, a Sonos One compatible with Alexa should be all that most Canadians need – in fact, I recently called the Sonos One the best option available anywhere in a smart speaker, and that remains true.

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