Side by Side Power Packer Slim Organizer

Effortlessly organize your technological essentials with the Slim Side Packer Organizer Side by Side. With several compartments, the Power Packer fits perfectly to all your technological fundamentals in one pack. The first compartment is ideal for large items such as power adapters, converters travel or even a selfie stick. The second compartment also has six […]


How the IoT and Related Tech Are Helping to Update the Energy Sector

Les améliorations du secteur de l'énergie ont la capacité d'affecter presque toutes les autres industries. Nous reconnaissons tous l'importance d'un système énergétique fiable – après tout, aucune entreprise ne fonctionne sans électricité. Comme DataRPM, une société Progress qui utilise la détection et la prédiction d'anomalies pour fournir une énergie stable, note dans son livre électronique […]


Fuze Card Smart Wallet Card

Carry less and control more with the Fuze Card Smart Wallet. This one device contains details and information for up to 30 different maps at a time . With this you can slide, tap and scan your way through the purchases. The Fuze card is totally thin and looks like a regular card. However, one […]


NowPresso Portable Espresso Machine

Get your java solution anytime, anywhere with the NowPresso portable espresso machine. This amazing system is compatible with Nespresso capsules so you can enjoy your favorite beers. In addition, it works with cold and hot water. All it takes is the pressure of a button. The removable lithium battery allows you to enjoy your espresso […]


HP OMEN Gaming Mouse

Move with precision during your games with the HP OMEN Gaming Mouse. With or without Steelseries, the OMEN gaming mouse is the ideal tool that allows you to make quick decisions without having to think twice. Providing accurate motion, the OMEN by HP 600 Mouse alters your accuracy using a range of DPI levels from […]