Brass Bar Multifunctional Tech Tool

Enjoy easy access to essential technological tools with the multifunction Brass Bar technology tool. Featuring a unique and innovative design, Brass Bar is a multifunctional technological tool that you can use for endless applications. With a sober and simple appearance, the solid brass bar comes with a SIM ejector, a stylus and a scribe. The Brass Bar SIM ejector offers the ideal diameter and length to easily eject any standard SIM card. In addition, Brass Bar works like a stylus on your tablet or phone. Likewise, the weight of the brass bar gives the impression of being solid in your hand while the scalloped design enhances the user 's experience. It also comes with a micro-knit fabric to protect your screen. Plus, the scribe offers a long pointed tip as well as a blunt end, making it a useful EDC. It even comes with a screw cap to protect the tool and yourself.

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