Xiaomi Yuemi MK01B Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Win a competitive advantage with the Xiaomi Yuemi MK01B mechanical gaming keyboard. Featuring a high-quality mechanical Cherry switch, the 87-key Yuemi MK01B provides the comfortable feel of a keystroke. In addition, the keyboard offers an anti-ghost and a fast response speed, which makes it ideal for games . Likewise, the separate key line is easy to use while the main semiconductor control chip gives a good performance. You can also add a series of common multimedia shortcut keys that cooperate with the FN key. In addition, the Yuemi MK01B has a simple plug and play design, so you do not need to install drivers. The keyboard also has a dual color keycap that you can easily replace if it starts to show signs of wear. Ideal for all users, the keyboard offers an ergonomic design, with a bracket that opens at an angle of 6 degrees.

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