The Future of IoT with Kids

There is no doubt that the future is "Internet of Things, IoT for children While the concept may seem complex, IoT's basics are quite simple.The objects we interact with every day (phones, watches, thermostats, speakers, light bulbs, etc.) are all connected to the Internet.

This allows them to communicate with us, with each other, and to add a small machine to learn, you have a system of interconnected devices that simplify your life.

Houses are becoming more and more intelligent and the list of IoT devices continues to grow As well as the opportunity offered to parents to help their children learn and to oluer with them

IoT with children grows up

To be able to see the inside of your refrigerator with your phone at the grocery store, monitor your smoke detector or your toothbrush with your smart watch, the vast inventory of available IoT items is amazing. Virtually every device on the planet can be designed with the cloud in mind.

You can track your heart rate, temperature, the food that stays in the refrigerator, the location of your child, if you brush your teeth too hard or not enough , and just about anything you might want to know through a connected device. Gartner Estimates 8.4 billion IoT devices were used worldwide in 2017. This is a 31% growth since 2016. And this number will only increase. It is estimated that the use of IoT devices will reach 20.4 billion by 2020.

With the number of devices connected, WiFi becomes less of a luxury and more a necessity. The world is becoming smarter, and future generations will have to follow it. What is surprising is that, until now, they are. Have you ever noticed that some young children are better at using smart phones than many adults? My daughter was able to pose for a selfie a long time before knowing how to say the word "mom".

What does this mean for our children?

It is not that we want to imagine the future careers of our children, but it is rather cool that so many businesses are jumping aboard with the teaching of children to the code . Even devices like Alexa of Amazon could one day teach you a foreign language . Imagine life before Google, and the opportunity to go from question to answer reasonably sought after in seconds. Now imagine that our children are growing up in a world where information is not only easily accessible, but accessible no matter where you are. (Seriously, I answered my doorbell from another country.) The Internet was only the beginning, now we have an entire Internet, of things . There are so many devices to help you and your children stay connected, healthy and safe. [1945900119459002TheInternetofThingsevenmadesmarttoysAconnectedtoymeansthatyourchild'sexperienceisdynamicconstantlychangingandwillonlyimprovethroughsoftwareupdatesThistechnologyallowschildrentobuildplayandeven code their own content in toys . Connected toys appeal to children at STEM not only by teaching them to understand logic, but by allowing them to see their own work come alive in real time.

Peace of Mind

Smart devices allow you to change your thermostat without having to lift a finger, but they also provide peace of mind to parents. If you are a little techie, you can know what your kids are doing at all times. Stalking your child is not effective. However, by pressing a button, you can know if they were at Julie's or Jenny's. Parents are able to track the location of their children, whether through the child's phone, a smart watch, or any other connected device. And the benefits go beyond security.

For today 's hungry parent, convenience is just as crucial. "We have seen an increasing number of parents sign their kids for classes and camps because they can" check "through smart devices," said Suzanne Felson, the founder of Reso, ] Curator of Children's Activities in the Bay Area. After most moms have seen how location-based technology has allowed them to find new activity for their children, their typical answer is, "God, I really needed that, there are years

So many dreams for you and your children can be achieved with these devices IoT . It would be a shame not to learn about them and integrate them into your parenting system. Think for a moment about all the technological developments that you witnessed growing up. Now, imagine that your child can reproduce this code, as a child. I'm not saying that every child is the next genius of coding, but technology gives me hope. The possibilities are limitless. But in order to do everything we want with the IoT – and still keep our families safe – we will need to better understand the mechanism.

Trouble in Paradise

There are definitely security problems with all these connected devices flooding the market. We basically have the ability to assign an IP address to every atom on Earth. But hey, business idea! As the need for these devices (and the ease with which they make everyday life) increases, so does the security risk. For now, parents must watch this aspect of IoT with children.

From your coffee machine and heating and cooling system to your connected car, you do not need to be afraid of these devices – but you have to be aware of the security of your information. The connected devices are here, and will become more and more ubiquitous over the years.

Even with security concerns, the Internet of Things has improved many aspects of my life. And will absolutely continue to do so while growing up. Honestly, I feel almost bad for my child. I will know where she is every moment of every day. And I am the kind of mom who will constantly look up.

With all of IoT's intelligent technology, she will be able to make technological advances that I would have never thought possible. And she will not be able to get by with the amount of things that I did when I had her age. But as a parent, it's the dream and the future is very bright.

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