Smartsheet co-founder’s next project is a robotic rock picker-upper

Co-Founder of Smartsheet, The Collaborative Business Start That Filed for an IPO Takes a Right Turn in the World of Robotics agricultural. Brent Frei tells GeekWire that he is working on an automated system for clearing land rocks. It's a bit unexpected, but far from being a bad idea.

While doing some farming work with his kids last year, including the less challenging task of picking up big rocks and throwing them into a trailer, he tells himself that was exactly the kind of thing that a platform would be good at.

There are some semi-automated solutions, but nothing so simple that you could just plop him on a few acres and tell him "go catch all the rocks of this size or bigger."

Why not apply all this technology to watering, growing and picking? It seems at the very least that he could do something that he himself could use, so he started TerraClear in October to create a "Roomba for picking stones."

It's still far from the prototype stage, but it's a fine example of the world opening up to new applications of computer vision and robotics if you keep your mind open .

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