Transparent Cam Wearable Live Streaming Camera

Instantly stream what's in front of you with the Transparent Cam Wearable Live Broadcast Camera. The Transparent Cam is a live broadcast camera that allows you to stream live instantly. TCAM is the easiest way to share live video and simplicity is the key. You do not even need to set it up, use a smartphone or connect to Wi-Fi. Press a button and you're on the air and ready to share. In addition, you can share your video on YouTube, Facebook and other social networks or live. Thanks to its magnetic attachment, it attaches easily to your clothes or equipment for hands-free streaming. In addition, TCAM automatically records your videos in the cloud so you can review and repost your recordings. You also get free cloud storage as well as an eSIM with 4G LTE. The transparent camera has a battery life of two hours as well as an easy wireless charging.

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