Microsoft claims to make Chrome safer with new extension

Warning of dangerous content of Chrome.

Chrome already provides effective protection against malicious sites: go somewhere with a bad reputation and you will get a big scary red screen telling you that you are about to do something foolhardy. But Microsoft believes that it can do a better job than Google, and it has released a Chrome plugin, Windows Defender Browser Protection that brings its own anti-phishing protection to Google's browser.

Microsoft justifies the new plugin by referring to a report 2017 that claims that the company's Edge browser has blocked 99% of phishing attempts, compared to 87% for Chrome and 70% for Firefox. The plugin brings Edge protection to Chrome, so if the theory is valid, it should also push the browser up to 99%.

The new extension does not seem to disable Chrome's checks (or at least it does not seem to do it for me), so at the very least, it's not likely to make you less safe, and with phishing being so widespread, the extra protection probably does not hurt.

While making Windows users a little safer is good for the Windows platform as a whole, this version erodes a little less of the supposed benefits of the Edge browser. Microsoft has struggled to make users use its browser – while the main engine and security features are solid, the interface still has frustrating flaws – but one of its virtues is to have different protection against phishing. and malicious exploitation. By providing this protection to Chrome, there is one less reason to choose the Microsoft browser.

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