This company is using facial recognition to fight human trafficking

Recently, we have heard so many stories about the frankly horrifying degree to which facial recognition leads to tracking or invading privacy. But a start-up specializing in AI instead uses facial recognition technology to find victims of human trafficking. Marinus Analytics is a start-up that licenses technology to law enforcement agencies for the express purpose […]


SENSI Luxury Vape Pen

Enjoy a very powerful clean steam with the SENSI Luxury ballpoint pen. Designed for vaping connoisseurs, this discreet and stylish vaporizer produces and delivers the ultimate steam. Made from ceramic, the atomizer without coil produces an extremely powerful clean steam. In addition, the refillable ceramic tank with double double sockets guarantees continuous saturation of the […]


SportHacks Modular Bag

Comfortably carry all your sport equipment with the SportHacks modular bag. Worn as a sports bag, this functional sports bag comes with a fully detachable and modular shoe case. The built-in odor and waterproof laundry bag provides a place to store your smelly and wet clothes or shoes without touching your other items. Similarly, it […]


Jaunt Fanny Pack XL

For your adventures, secure your belongings in style with the Jaunt Fanny Pack XL. The elegant design features interior pockets to organize all the essentials. This includes three cardholders elastic cards that allow you free adventure of a large wallet. There is also an elastic loop for the inner glasses that eliminates the need to […]


DJI Ronin-S Motorized DSLR Gimbal

Improve your videography with the DJI Ronin-S motorized DSLR gimbal. This handheld gives you the stabilization and versatility you need for incredible footage. Ginbal Ronin-S bridges the gap between mobile videography and larger motion picture cameras. With this camera, you can use your trusty digital SLR for perfectly smooth sequences every time. In addition, using […]


Tutti Matti Hybrid Hi-Fi Speaker

Bring the party wherever you want with the hybrid Hi-Fi speaker Tutti Matti. This portable speaker allows you to connect up to 20 speakers to create an immersive audio experience. Controlled by a digital signal processor, these speakers receive the right information to play optimally, offering a full range of clarity. By using an acoustic […]


C-Rest 2.0 Portable Neck Massager

Relieve neck pain and improve your posture in no time with the C-Rest 2.0 cervical massager. By resting on this device for ten minutes, you can release stress and tension as quickly and painlessly as possible. The masseur instantly relieves neck pain through a combination of acupressure, cervical relaxation and occipital muscle stimulation. Likewise, it […]