Remod X Reversible Dual Face Watch Strap

Effortlessly make your watch even more exciting with the Remod X Reversible Dual Face Wrist Strap. Featuring a reversible design, these watchbands allow you to easily change appearance as soon as you feel the need. Simply pull, turn and lock the watch strap to change the face according to your mood or style. Likewise, it combines several materials in one strap, allowing you to twist rubber to wood, rubber to leather and more. In addition, the watch strap is equipped with a zipper mechanism that allows you to easily move the pin lock on each side. This ensures that the watch feels good on your wrist, no matter how you twist it. In addition, the Remod X offers a Dual Quick Release function to allow you to quickly switch from one watch to the next. The wristband of the watch is compatible with the Apple watch as well as with most watches with crampons of 22 mm.

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