Sony to cease production of PlayStation Vita game cards in 2019

It seems that I plead with Sony to continue to support his old console, the Vita, which has not been heard. The company ends the production of its game cards, which means that the slow death of the current generation console the least appreciated of the players finally begins seriously.

But all is not lost for the Vita. The loss of game cards does not change anything at the pocket computer itself, and its forces will still be there even if the support of its parent company decreases.

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The Details : After Kotaku Sony terminates all production of Vita physical game cards next year. If you want to buy new games, you will have to do it by mid-February 2019. In addition, if you were hoping to continue downloading free Vita games every month, you also do not have to luck: Sony announced earlier this year, it would stop Vita games on its PS Plus service at about the same time.

This means that, as far as games go, Vita owners will probably be largely restricted to what is already on the system, except for intrepid developers. If I were a bet woman, I would say we are more likely to see a series of indie and Japanese RPGs in the future – mostly because that's what we see now.

But wait, there is no more : Sony told a Kotaku spokesman that the digital game system of the Vita would continue to be supported even after the physical media would not be available anymore. Two of the strengths of the handheld are its ability to remotely exploit PS4 games and its digital catalog of vintage games. None of these will change, especially if the digital distribution is still a few years.

The only thing that could really endanger the Vita at this point would be if her proprietary memory cards disappear – the Vita only works with them. Kotaku's report does not specify whether Sony also stops production of any material related to Vita. If this is the case, it will mean that the price of these already expensive items will likely climb dramatically. All Vita fans who want to stock up for the future, I recommend you make one right now, as long as you can. I will certainly do it.

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Sony ends the production of Vita physics games
on Kotaku

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