The 4 Sales Tools Every Company Will Use in 2019

Over the past two years, the niche of machine learning has exploded. Start-ups have popped up left and right to show off their innovative new tools, and Google – the tech giant over all the tech giants – now claims to be an apprenticeship company automatic .

This sudden increase in the interest of AI is not as surprising as it may seem. People have wanted intelligent robots since the early days of science fiction. With advances in natural language processing and other technological advances, the long-awaited arrival of machine learning has finally arrived.

For sales processes, machine learning is a dream come true. More than 40% of salespeople consider that finding leads is the most difficult part of employment, and 22% feel that qualifying these leads is even more difficult . Now, the AI ​​can sift through the prospects using advanced analytics to discover which ones are most likely to convert, and then spit out a list of the best leads in seconds. No more spending two-thirds of the day enter data and research leads – with machines on the case, salespeople can spend their time talking to prospects and conclusion of business .

However, not all sales tools are created equal. Successful sales teams of the future will rely on them to win more business:

Customized Mobile Applications

Many sales fall because of problems beyond the control of the seller, and these problems are often the result of the product or service of the company. A service that is not clear in its execution – no matter how valuable this service – can quickly back down potential buyers, leaving the seller in embarrassment.

However, if the service is presented in an elegant and well-executed format that is easily accessible during a sales call, sellers will be free to work their magic without restraint. When building a custom application for the DKMS donor registration organization, Clevertech's development team focused on simplifying and streamlining the original system to help retain users. Its sophisticated mobile solution has increased user retention by 60% and has dramatically improved knowledge and understanding of DKMS service through the simplicity of a cleaner presentation.

Sellers are as strong as the product or service that they are looking to sell. By providing them with a display that is easy to navigate and easy to transport, companies can provide sellers with everything they need to educate potential customers about the value of what they provide.

Intelligent Search

AI-enabled searches identify the people and companies that best match the seller's product or service. If there is a machine learning tool that every business needs, it is this one.

Node, a discovery engine powered by artificial intelligence embarked on sales promotion. The company recently announced new funding of $ 5 million and appealed to two AI researchers to develop its latest product.

"AI has incredible sales potential," says Greg McBeth, sales manager at Node. "New tools allow businesses to discover valuable customer information that they would otherwise have missed, and then act on that information at the right time with the right message."


Modern consumers prefer to do most product research themselves . They use smartphones to compare prices, view social media for reviews, and read articles about the pros and cons of each choice. By the time they reach out to a seller, they are almost ready to close. In B2B sales, the process is longer, but the premise is the same: online research has replaced the need for verbal description in sales to the old.

Chatbots guide site visitors to accomplish tasks that bring them closer to closing. They can provide information about local stores, make appointments to talk to sellers and answer questions about products and services. The best embody the personality of the brands that underpin them, offering potential customers a more personalized experience.

Cloud computing solutions

This is 2018, and the office is now mobile. Traveling salesmen should not be isolated from their tools and resources . "Frustrated customers jostle your sales people because your sales teams are all alone," says Phil Rainsberger, director of strategy and customer experience at level 1. "They do not have answers to questions customers, they do not do it. They are disconnected from your company's systems and, as a result, they are unable to provide real-time information and make decisions that any type of business and customer is starting to demand.

Modern cloud solutions enable sales teams to access information from anywhere, enabling them to make decisions faster and take advantage of opportunities in the field. Not only do cloud solutions accelerate the sales process, but they also reduce the budget affected by slower and more expensive information systems.

Vendors of cloud-powered businesses can do in one meeting what other companies do, reducing the number of opportunities for doing business.

Sales teams will not be leaving soon, but their tool kits are growing rapidly. The companies that will have the best results in the future will be those that will make the most of their technological advantages. These four technologies are a starting point, but truly technology-driven vendors should keep up with the latest advances to stay ahead of their industry.

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