TrackR Pixel Compact Bluetooth Tracker

Stop losing or misplacing things with the TrackR Pixel Compact Bluetooth Tracker. This small and lightweight device attaches to anything, so you always know where it is. With Bluetooth technology, TrackR can find objects up to 100 feet away. Just use the TrackR app to ring any object you attach to the tracker, such as your keys, wallet, purse or remote. Plus, it comes with flashing LED lights to help you find it even faster. If you are unable to locate your phone, press the TrackR clear button to ring your phone. Likewise, it works if your phone is in silent mode. You can also use the Locate my TrackR phone skill with any Amazon Alexa compatible device . If you still can not find your item, TrackR's Global Crowd Locate Network will notify you when another user passes by.

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