Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security Light

Light up your property as soon as you need it with Netgear's intelligent home security light Argo. Completely wireless, you can easily place this light wherever you want to brighten when it's dark. You can use it to light your driveway, porch, backyard, deck or any other outdoor space surrounding your home. The Arlo security lamp also comes with easy-to-adjust brackets, so you can position it virtually anywhere. The light automatically turns on as soon as it detects motion, although you can change the motion sensitivity for different areas. You can also set a time to turn on and off the lights when you are out of town, giving the impression that someone is in the house. Just use the Arlo app to set up a calendar and you can also adjust its colors, patterns, and more, from any location. You will receive instant alerts via mobile or e-mail as soon as it detects a movement.

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