New YouTube Music Premium costs $9.99 monthly, add $2 to get all Red perks

The long wait for YouTube's revamped music service is almost over: announced on its blog that it will begin the new YouTube Music on May 22. YouTube already has a service of the same name, but this new version remakes the old and introduces two new premium services in the mix: YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium.

Let's first describe YouTube Music: The new streaming music streaming service will offer free music streaming via a new desktop and mobile app. YouTube insists that "music gets you to the same place" in the new YouTube Music, as it provides access to thousands of official playlists, songs and albums, remixes, covers, live versions and music videos.

The new app will also have a "dynamic home screen" that provides listening recommendations based on your history, what you do and where you are. Users can also search for songs using YouTube Music Search without knowing the name of the song. It is likely that Google incorporates AI into this feature, allowing you to search for songs using descriptions or lyrics. All this will be available for free on YouTube Music for anyone who can display advertisements anywhere, making it free versions of other streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music . ]

But YouTube Music Premium removes ads and offers some extra benefits – and it will cost $ 9.99 a month. In addition to all that is included in the free version of YouTube Music, YouTube Music Premium allows you to listen and download in the background. This means that users can listen to tracks without opening the application or play back visuals of a video clip, and can also download tracks for offline listening.

If this sounds like Google Play Music, it's because that's the case. Those who currently pay a monthly subscription for Google Play Music will also benefit from a YouTube Music Premium subscription, and nothing will change with Google Play Music at the moment. Current subscribers do not have to worry about big changes or losing their playlists or short-term downloads, but Google Play Music branding is unlikely to stay the same. unchanged once the new YouTube Music takes over.

Red transitions to Premium

This supports the music side of YouTube, but that's only part of the content of the video site. Since 2015, YouTube Red has been the option for those who want an ad-free experience on the entire site and are willing to pay $ 10 a month for it. Although YouTube does not change the substance of Red, the service essentially gets a new name – YouTube Premium . This service includes all the benefits of YouTube Music Premium as well as all the existing benefits of YouTube Red: YouTube-free viewing, background play, downloading videos for offline viewing, and access to all YouTube Originals (such as new Cobra Kai Series ).

Enlarge / The Differences Between YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium.


Premium takes the place of the first-tier YouTube subscription service, essentially offering users ad-free access to the entire YouTube video and music library. The subscription is charged 11.99 USD per month. YouTube charges an additional $ 2 to add the benefits of YouTube Red to a YouTube Music Premium subscription.

It is likely that the YouTube Red brand will disappear as YouTube Premium takes over, which also means that users will not be able to subscribe to YouTube Red only. The Premium level will include all the benefits of YouTube Red plus all the YouTube Music Premium benefits, so you'll have to pay $ 11.99 for the entire package, even if you do not want the music features Special.

But that makes sense for YouTube's bottom line. YouTube Music's original music originated from the music industry's frustration with Google's video website, claiming that YouTube's advertising system did not allow it to pay enough. Offering users two options, with music as a base, gives YouTube the opportunity to generate more revenue around its music offerings while seeing how much users are willing to pay $ 2 per month for all the benefits of Red and the original content of the company.

The company has included a benefit for existing Red subscribers who currently pay $ 9.99 for this service – they will have access to YouTube Premium at this lower price once the service is launched. Users in countries where Red is available can sign up for $ 9.99 per month before Premium is released next week to be locked in the lowest price.

The rumors of this new YouTube Music were running since last summer. The gradual implementation and phasing out of all these new services is a bit confusing, but YouTube certainly hopes to make its subscription services to music and online videos more user-friendly through consolidation. The company does not really have a choice: it wants to compete with Spotify, Apple Music and others, and it could never do it properly with three different music services, the differences between them being a mystery to most users.

Those interested in YouTube Music, Music Premium and YouTube Premium can sign up for Alerts on the new website.

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