Snapchat Spectacles tests non-circular landscape exports

The worst thing about Spectacles is how closely they relate to Snapchat. The proprietary circular photo and video format is superb in Snapchat, where you can switch your phone while still in full screen, but it shrinks to a small circle with a large white border when you export it to your phone for share elsewhere.

Fortunately, Snapchat began beta testing the new Spectacle export formats with the beta version of its application. This allows you to choose a black border instead of a white border, but especially a rectangular 16: 9 horizontal format that would be perfect for YouTube and other traditional video players. The test was first spotted by Eric Johnson and when asked, a Snapchat spokesman told TechCrunch "I can confirm we're testing it, yes. "

Allowing Shows to be more compatible with other services could make the v2 of his $ 150 photograph and video recording sunglasses much more practical and popular. I met the Snapchat Shows team this weekend at the FORM Arcosanti Music Festival in Arizona where they were testing new specs and looking for ideas for their next camera. I've suggested opening the circular format or partnership so that other apps can show it natively with the pivot effect, and Snap declined to comment on it. But now, it looks like they're adopting compatibility by simply letting you drop the proprietary format.

Discarding purely vertical or circular formats is also a bit of a boost for Snapchat, which touted the vertical as the media direction of the future since it's so that we hold our phones. Many other apps, including Snapchat's Facebook clones, have embraced this idea. But with Snapchat's growth at its lowest level, it may be necessary to think of new ways to become known elsewhere.

Seeing the content of Shows on other ugly borderless apps could draw attention to Snapchat, or at least help the Shows to sell better than v1 that only sold 220,000 pairs and had to deduct hundreds of them from thousands who accumulated dust in the warehouses. While it makes sense that Snap wanted to retain the best content viewing experience of Spectacles on its own application, without user growth, this turned out to be a software limitation for which is supposed to be a camera company.

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