Inside the mysterious Bitcoin hash that shook up the cryptocurrency community

# 00000000000000000021e800c1e8df51b22c1588e5a624bea17e9faa34b2dc4a You know how crypto-currency community is geeky, when it's the trend hashtag on Twitter. This long sequence is a & quot; hash block & # 39; – a cryptographic number which is produced when new transactions are validated and written on the blockchain Bitcoin . This hash belongs to the block number 528249 […]


Polymega Modular Retro Game Console

Feed your nostalgia with the Polymega Modular Retro game console. This device combines a modern gaming experience with classic record games and game cartridges that you know and love. Plus, now you can enjoy classics in 1080p HD. Featuring a modular design, Polymega lets you play an endless list of classic game systems with universal […]


Loupedeck+ Versatile Photo Editing Console

The editing of photos is much simpler with the Loupedeck + Versatile photo editing console. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this photographic gadget makes it easy to create the edition you are looking for. Featuring an ergonomic design, Loupedeck + allows you to edit many photos without interrupting your workflow. Similarly, you […]


Rocky Mountain Underground BRFCS Expandable Weatherproof Briefcase

Get work done with confidence with the Rocky Mountain BRFCS Expandable Weather Resistant Briefcase. Made from weather-resistant fabric, this heavy-duty carrying bag can do much more than carry your belongings to work. In fact, the BRFCS Briefcase goes from work to outdoor activities in an instant, with stylish compartments for clothes, shoes, electronics and more. […]