Vivo will actually sell a smartphone with a pop-up front camera

The Vivo Nex with the camera appeared.

The Vivo Nex is so high-tech that it lives on the moon.

The back of the phone with the camera.

There is a USB-C port and a moderate bezel at the bottom.

Did we mention that he has a headphone jack?

While smartphone makers strive to maximize the space on the front of the phone, the question of what to do with the front camera is permanent. Companies like Samsung are reserving much of the telescope on top of the device for components like the camera, while more and more smartphone manufacturers have followed the example of ### Apple and have dug a notch at the top of the screen.

The Chinese smartphone maker Vivo launches a camera with another solution: a camera pop-up lens. The camera is hidden most of the time, but the camera application opens and the front camera automatically comes out of the top edge of the camera.

At Mobile World Congress, Vivo showed a "concept" phone with this feature called Vivo Apex. He had almost a front screen, an automatic camera and a fingerprint reader on the screen. It seemed like something that was not mass producible and was especially done to draw attention to a crowded smartphone show. A few months later, however, and the company reworked the concept in Vivo Nex . Vivo claims that the Nex will actually be on sale in China for ¥ 4,498 ($ 700).

$ 700 gives you the premium version with a Snapdragon 845, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and a battery of 4,000mAh. The screen – which, remember, does not have a notch – is a 6.59-inch OLED panel with a resolution of 2316 × 1080. There is even a headphone jack. There is also a cheaper Snapdragon 710 variant (~ $ 600).

While a simple pop-up camera would probably be enough to grab our attention, the Vivo Nex also has a fingerprint reader on the screen. Vivo beat almost everyone to this inevitable smartphone function, with the first prototype demo about a year ago . On the Nex, a small area at the bottom of the screen can sweep your finger with an optical sensor.

We do not talk much about Vivo, but it belongs to BBK, the same company that owns OnePlus and Oppo. In the past, Vivo has mostly been another maker of anonymous iPhone clones that sometimes makes headlines with "the world's thinnest smartphone". Even when it is separated from its sister companies, Vivo generally ranks somewhere in the top five global suppliers. If it keeps doing more interesting things like that, we will have to be more careful!

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