Qiplus 3-in-1 Global Wireless Charger

Charge all your devices on the move with the Global Qiplus 3-in-1 Wireless Charger. Featuring a versatile design, this device functions as a portable wireless station, a universal adapter and a charging panel. Compatible with Qi compatible devices, the Qiplus recharges your gadgets quickly and efficiently without using cables. The Qiplus not only makes your devices more accessible, it also reduces your weight on delivery and offers wireless convenience wherever you are. Simply plug it into a socket to charge three devices at once or unplug it and charge it up to four. It also comes with reversible USB-C charging ports that work with Android, iPhone and other mobile devices. Likewise, the two USB-A ports allow you to charge your gadgets simultaneously. Thanks to its extra-long cable, you can also use it to charge and sync your devices at the same time.

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