How To Build A Proper Sales Funnel And Recover Vanishing Profits

If you are struggling to increase your sales despite creating better deals, raising prices and offering more value, it's time to look at your sales funnel. In fact, it's time to scrutinize your sales funnel with the eyes of a detective.

The term "sales funnel" looks like a strategy that generates automatic or easy sales. However, a sales funnel is an organized system designed to move prospects through a step-by-step process that ends up selling. Several steps in the sales funnel allow you to better control how and when to submit an offer to your prospects.

Regardless of the quality of your offers, if you do not offer these offers to the right people at the right time, your sales will remain stable. A well structured sales funnel will deliver these offers correctly. If you've tried everything else but still have sales, your sales funnel may have leaks or disconnected components.

An intentionally designed sales funnel directs offers to good leads

Your sales funnel is what allows you to reach your prospects and customers in the most efficient way possible. A properly designed sales funnel is able to track and identify where each advance is in the customer's journey . This, in turn, allows you to market relevant offers and messages to customers based on where they are located.

For example, when a track is still in the research phase, you can sell them information to help them make the decision to buy. When an advance is ready to buy, you can market them with a more aggressive sales copy. You do not want to send an aggressive sales copy to someone who is not ready to buy – it's a shutdown.

How do you know who is willing to buy and who is not? How do you know which offers each lead should receive? It starts with collecting data and segmenting your prospects based on what these data tell you about them. The data is an essential basis for each sales funnel. A collection of data forms a pattern, and this pattern reveals information that could not be seen otherwise.

You Need a Data-Driven Sales Funnel

In addition to segmenting leads as they arrive, you should collect data on customer behavior at each stage of the process. By following the links they click on in their emails, their browsing history, their purchase history, etc., you will get a template that will allow you to rank them accurately for targeted tagging.

An interesting example of how data analysis can provide deep insight is how the KGB accurately identified CIA infiltrators during the Cold War. Their accuracy seemed magical, but it was just an excellent data analysis. They collected publicly available information about deployed US Foreign Service personnel, data from allied countries, and learned that the housing and compensation conditions of their agents differed from those of State Department officials. For example, the data showed:

The CIA infiltrators had a higher salary scale than the actual FSOs.
True FSOs usually returned home after a tour of three to four years, unlike CIA agents.
When the CIA agents returned home, they did not appear in the State Department's lists.
True FSOs attended the three-month training at the Institute for Foreign Service.
CIA agents have often been republished in the same country while the real FSOs have never been.

This same level of understanding is available for companies that continually capture data from their prospects. Knowing where your prospects come from, what interests them, which links they click on and where they go after being exposed to your ads is priceless.

Intentionally Constructing Each Step of Your Sales Funnel

It's not enough to create a series of 10 emails that will be powered by new prospects over a two month period and hope you'll get clicks and sales. It's also not enough to empty prospects into a queue for your sales team to schedule follow-up calls.

Yes, CRM software as Infusionsoft, Ontraport and Salesforce facilitates the automation of these and other processes, and you should use this technology. However, to be effective, these separate components must be integrated into a comprehensive, multi-step strategy. Without the integration of all automated processes, none of these processes is effective.

Each step of the sales process is actually an offer, starting with the possibility of receiving a free download in exchange for an email address. If you do not have a main magnet, your sales process starts with any step you use to interest people. For example, if you are a mail order company and offer free information to anyone who writes to you, this ad is your first step in the sales process, even for people who do not write. When a person has received the requested information, it is an opportunity to present him with a new, more interesting offer.

Continue to increase offers as people move forward

Offers often start for free, but require progressively advance investing money. Even though it's just $ 4.95 for shipping and handling to receive another free offer. Make sure you continue to increase the value of the offers you send and make sure these offers are relevant to each prospect.

"Each offer is actually a series of offers designed to increase the size of the purchase," says ClickFunnels marketing expert Becky DeGrossa in an ultimate sales funnel guide . This guide is to read absolutely. It is filled with valuable information on building effective sales funnels from the ground up and upsets some major myths and misconceptions.

The guide also describes, in depth, the AIDA marketing model developed in the late 19th century by sales pioneer Elias St. Elmo Lewis. This model is used by marketing gurus everywhere, for good reason: it works.

AIDA stands for Attraction, Interest, Desire, Action. The ideal marketing campaign will attract people's attention, capture their interest, create a desire for your product or service and motivate them to take steps to make a purchase.

A good sales funnel will continually spark interest and desire throughout the various stages and stages. This is accomplished by continually creating new and exciting offers.

Some leads need to be gradually encouraged to put some skin in the game through several free offers that may require paying for shipping. Once they have invested in your brand, you can start presenting them with the offer for your product or main service.

As you collect more information about your prospects, you can start customizing your offers to appeal to their specific preferences. For example, if you use Infusionsoft as a CRM, you can automatically tag leads based on the links that they click in your emails. Links are one of the best ways to get leads to tell you what interests them.

For example, say that you sell pet products for dogs and cats. A powerful and effective marketing campaign requires the ability to send specific ads on cat products to cat owners, and to send specific advertisements on dog products to dog owners. If you have not asked for your leads on this subject when registering, just send them an email asking them to click on a link if they own a dog, and another if they own a cat. Or, a third link if they own both.

You probably want to hide this in a well written and entertaining newsletter that encourages people to click. If you have programmed your CRM to automatically apply tags, these clicks will allow you to start sending other targeted offers.

A good sales funnel requires intentionally designed steps, and is not just about "defining and forgetting". It's a continuous process of asking for more information, documenting this information automatically and using that data to continue marketing. ]

The map of the customer's route is the model that emerges

The Customer Journey Map tells the story of the customer's experience with your brand. "He can focus on a particular part of the story or give an overview of the whole experience," SailThru said . "What he always does is identify the key interactions the client has with the organization.He talks about feelings, motivations and user issues for each of these points." of contact. "

The trip map also illustrates the customer's greatest motivation: the data you need to create an effective sales funnel.

Always retain segmentation and match offers accordingly

Lead categorization is essential because it tells you how to interact with them.

Although this is a mechanical process, a properly structured sales funnel does not push all tracks by the same steps in the same order. When the tracks are collected, they must be segmented or labeled in order to classify them.

For example, say you get a new track to sign up for your newsletter. They receive a welcome email and click on the link inviting them to download a free ebook. This thread should be automatically marked to show interest in your product. As this link continues to click on the links in your emails, they should be tagged and moved to a segment reserved for people who are actively interested in your products (even if they do not buy them ). These leads will be easier to sell than those that never click on your links.

Customize your sales funnel components to your product and market

The traditional sales model involves an "online assembly" process that consists of gathering leads, making sales pitches and carrying out a follow-up. It worked well when all the decision makers were in the same house or building. It does not work so well today.

All businesses should not create a sales funnel based on the traditional sales model. Some products, such as business software, do not benefit from the traditional presentation of sales . The geographic distribution of decision makers renders ineffective the traditional selling arguments in this market. Today, many of these companies expect a collaborative whiteboard experience, not a scripted pitch.

Each component that you use as part of your sales funnel must perform an action based on the data. Nothing should be random.

Prioritize data if you want to see sales skyrocket

According to a CMO Council study confirms that "more than 50% of global marketers report having fair, poor, or zero knowledge of customer demographics, behavioral, psychographic, and transactional data. Only 6% say they have excellent customer knowledge. "

To be fair, this study was conducted in 2007-2008. Yet there is no excuse for companies to ignore this important aspect of marketing.

Even as of 2014, according to the article above, 8 out of 10 marketers were banking on acquiring customers to drive sales rather than retaining their existing customers – a strategy that is actually less expensive.

In addition, the channel marketing report of 2014 indicated that only 2 out of 5 businesses surveyed "understand customer journeys and tailor the mix accordingly". Unfortunately, that's what happens when you do not do it. understand the importance of a data-driven sales funnel.

Fortunately, the most popular apps used by web marketers feature features that automatically capture and categorize data, provided you schedule what you want them to capture. The solution is to spend more time developing strategies that engage people at different stages of the customer journey. The more you can market your prospects accurately, the more sales you will have.

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  220. 9 of 11 games have been blowouts or non competitive after 3. And the big 4 still average 35 min and up. It was impressive how PJ held Kobe to 34 min in 2011. He rarely saw the floor before the TV timeouts in 2nd and 4th quarters. Some of that should be applied this season. Instead of playing guys 19-20 minutes in the 1st half. Play them 15-16 and ride them hard the 2nd because they’ve visibly been gassed the past 3 games late. It’s a double edged sword because of the bench but something has to be done about these minutes.

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