Google’s no frills Podcasts app is the start of something beautiful

Google announced today the return of its podcast application on Android . He called Podcasts and his feature database is about as basic as his name. But all the pieces are there and, thanks to the artificial intelligence of the company, this can quickly become the best option available.

The application presents Google's knowledge of artificial intelligence and, during installation, she begins to try to find the type of podcast that you would appreciate. Every time you listen to a new podcast, it gets a little smarter. It also enjoys full integration with Google Assistant.

You can pause a podcast currently playing on your phone, for example, and then resume it on a Google Home speaker and it will resume where you left off. It works perfectly and provides a little more value to those who bought in Google's hardware ecosystem.

Credit: Google

The company has not given much love to podcast listeners recently, so Podcasts is a refreshing addition to the Play Store. After giving up the latest podcast application in 2011, the company has been spending time since it gave a shy nod Google Play Music as a solution for listeners.

And, despite the fact that it's a great platform for music, Play Music is terrible for podcasts – it does not have dedicated features and most of its development is n & # 39; It has nothing to do with them.

But all this changes with the recently launched Podcasts application. It's a fluid, though simple, experience that captures the simplicity of most Google apps.

Credit: Google

You will not spend a lot of time understanding how to use it because the privileged user options are not many. Users can search, read and subscribe to podcasts, but that's about it all. There is not even an option to create playlists or even podcasts, which we hope will soon be solved.

Yet even with better options available, the lure of a dedicated first party solution from Google is too much to let pass for some of us. Occasional users may prefer to stick to what they are used to doing, and seasoned users may want to wait for Google to take it up. But if you're the type of person who's always on the lookout for the next podcast, Google's artificial intelligence-driven previews offer a pretty exciting feature to justify downloading.

We will have to deepen the question to come up with a final verdict but, even though we take into account the lack of additional features, Podcasts is already one of the best options on Android. And, according to Google it's only going to improve from here.

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