Samsung VL5 Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker

Control your music virtually anywhere with the Samsung VL5 Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker. Granted and certified by AKG, this speaker brings studio-quality sound to any space. With UHQ 32bit upscaling, the VL5 speaker gives more detail to your music and makes it more dynamic than ever. Likewise, distortion cancellation technology calculates and removes distortion even before it happens, resulting in deeper bass without the need for a separate subwoofer. By simply rotating and clicking the wheel button, you can skip the tracks and adjust the volume. You can also tell Alexa exactly what you need. In addition, you can synchronize the speaker with your mobile device via Bluetooth. Just long press the rotary knob and talk about it. If you do not remember a song title, Alexa can find it for you by reciting some lyrics.

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