Casio Chairman Kazuo Kashio dies at 89

Casio President and CEO Kazuo Kashio died on June 19, 2018 at the age of 89 years. The cause of death was pneumonia.

Kashio was the third oldest of the four brothers who founded the computer Casio in 1957. Their first product, the all-electric calculator 14-A, led to the release of the Casio Mini. calculator in 1972, a product that introduced electronic calculators into the mainstream.

Casio's biggest claim was Kashio's own idea. The CEO looked at quartz watches in the 1980s and saw that they were delicate and easy to break. With a little extra siding and some internal shock resistance systems, he was able to create a watch that could really withstand heavy wear. The first G-Shock, released in 1983, paved the way for truly robust watches and the company recently celebrated the 100 millionth G-Shock sold last August.

Kashio Manufacturing began in 1947 with a unique product: a cigarette holder that allows users to smoke the last piece of each end. In the 1970s, the Kashio family was born to electronic meters and commercialized some of the first portable and pocket calculators with the very popular LCD watch F-91W and the Cassiopeia PDA. The company also created the first LCD digital camera, the QV-10 and popular Casiotone keyboards.

He leaves to mourn his son, Kazuhiro Kashio, current president of Casio.

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