Microsoft’s USB Type-C dongle for Surface Pro is finally here, and it’s huge

Enlarge / The official name of the dongle is the "Surface Connect to USB-C Adapter".


When the Surface Pro was refreshed last year we were surprised and disappointed to see that it joined the Laptop Surface without USB Type- C nor Thunderbolt 3. Instead of Microsoft stated that it would send a Type C USB Key to provide a Type C port to those who wanted it later in 2017.

The dongle did not materialize in 2017. But it exists now and it will go on sale this Friday for $ 80. The big boxy adapter connects to the proprietary Surface Connect port on the current Surface Pro and Surface Laptop model (and only those systems, Microsoft says that it is compatible with no other) and offers a USB Type- port Unique C

The port can be used with a type C charger to charge the computer (provided that the charger can deliver a minimum of 27W at 12V), or it can be used to connect type C devices to l & # 39; computer. It supports USB devices and also supports alternative modes of type C to connect to screens with the help of a type C cable.

Supported Surface systems with only one Surface Connect port, you can charge your laptop or tablet or use the dongle to connect to a type C device, but not both. same time. And since it only has one C-type port, you can not even use a C-type charger at the same time as a second C-type device to work around this problem.

As such, your needs will have to be very special for this dongle to be useful. If you only want to connect C-type devices, a Type-C to Type-C adapter can be used at a much lower cost, and since this adapter uses the Type-A port, it can be used while charging. If you really need Alternate Mode support to connect a dock or a C-type display, you will need to use this adapter and hope your docking station or display will provide enough power. to charge the machine while you use it.

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