Chinese firm claims its laser rifle burns clothes and skin up to 800 meters away

A Chinese firm wants to equip the country's police forces with a brand new type of weapon for the battlefield: an assault rifle that fires lasers and that can burn your clothes and your skin up to 800 meters. Oh, and these lasers are silent, invisible, and can also go through windows .

The rifle (not illustrated above, it's just a concept illustration ) was developed by ZKZM Laser, which is part of the Xi Institute & # 39; 39; year of Optics and Precision Mechanics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The idea is to support the police in hostage situations, allowing them to take the kidnappers one step further. He could also find a use in secret military operations, reports the South China Morning Post .

"The pain will be beyond endurance," said a researcher who worked on the ZKZM-500 rifle. At the same time, the weapon is said to be "non-lethal", probably because it does not kill during impact.

At three kilograms (6.6 lbs), it's about the same weight as an AK-47; it is said that the rifle uses a lithium battery to shoot more than 1,000 "shots" that each last two seconds.

It is believed that ZKZM is looking for a manufacturing partner, so that it can start producing these weapons for $ 15,000 each.

But is it for real? TechCrunch seriously doubts ; In his cover, Devin Coldewey noted that, because of the attenuation that occurs when a laser travels 800m in the air, it will almost certainly be too weak to cause discernible damage to clothing or skin . He adds that it is highly unlikely that the weapon could store the power of its lithium-ion battery in a small package that would be needed to fire two thousand shots of incendiary lasers.

We will need to see a demonstration to be sure of the capabilities of the weapon. Call us when you are ready, ZKZM.

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