Nvidia will reportedly unveil its next generation of graphics cards next month

Nvidia is getting ready to launch its next-generation next generation graphics cards this fall, with partners ready to receive developers next month.

Highlights: According to a report from Wccftech, Nvidia will send its next-generation graphics cards to GeForce's partners in August.

Why That Matters: Once the company's secret cards are sent to developers around the world, there are no leaks. It is likely that the cards will be officially announced in advance.

Most journalists and technology experts predict that the cards will be called "GeForce GTX 1100 series", and it has been confirmed that they are built on the Turing architecture of the company.

Next step: According to a report of, Nvidia began sending invitations to Gamescom, which begins in August. It is interesting to note that the invitations do not mention the new material, but promise a practical presentation of the latest PC games. It is possible that Nvidia plans to unveil the new graphics cards during the event, and intends to disregard them. as possible.

In both cases, all the signs indicate that a new generation of Nvidia graphics cards will be available at Christmas, and that's good news for the players. The combination of new cards, and less demand for the old cryptocurrency community, could normalize the price of the Geforce GTX 10XX series.

We contacted Nvidia for a comment and did not receive an immediate response.

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