FCC filings give further credence to new $400 Surface reports

Non-LTE Version of Surface 3

Peter Bright

Earlier this year, there were reports that Microsoft plans to make a new attempt to produce a low-cost Surface tablet. Some new FCC deposits identified by WinFuture suggest that this tablet actually exists and that Microsoft has requested the necessary regulatory approval to put it on the market.

The FCC paperwork does not include images or full features of the device – these parts are kept confidential for the moment – but it reveals some details that give some indications on the new device.

The system uses a driver for a Qualcomm Atheros Wi-Fi / discrete Bluetooth module. The use of a separate chip makes quite certain that the new machine has an Intel processor – if it had a Qualcomm ARM chip, then Wi-Fi and Bluetooth would be integrated into the system-on-chip and use a different driver.

The power supply is also listed as being a 24W unit. Microsoft has used 24W power supplies in the past, but today's Surface Pro uses 36W parts. This is consistent with both the expected low price – $ 400 – and smaller 10-inch screen.

The device should be shipped this year, positioned as a solution for the education markets. The original reports claimed that he would have a new, more rounded style, and in a break from the rest of the surface line, he will use USB Type-C to charge rather than the proprietary surface connection port.

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