Watch: Apple Store heist nets thieves over $27k in MacBooks and iPhones

A group of four seemingly disarmed bandits seized more than $ 27,000 worth of Apple merchandise in seconds.

After darkening their faces with hooded sweatshirts, the group of four individuals rushed into the Apple Store inside the Fashion Fair Mall in Fresno, California. The group acted quickly, collecting display devices and cutting the fasteners that tied them to the tables before leaving the store, and hitting a man trying to block their exit to the ground.

In total, the hold-up lasted less than 60 seconds.

Police believe thieves fled with a total of 26 expensive Apple products, including several laptops, and various models of iPhone : including 6, 7, 8, and X.

The suspects would be four or five black men between the ages of 16 and 18 and could be in connection with a similar Apple Store robbery in San Luis Obispo, California on June 21.

The fifth man, the police believe, was not seen in the video and acted as a crew escape driver

Lt. Mark Hudson of the Fresno PD said:

There are other reports from other places, from other cities in California, that have had this kind of takeover robbery. We are therefore watching [this crime] being related to other crimes, in any Apple Store outside Fresno.

It's crazy, but still far from the craziest thing we've seen happen at an Apple store. This honor belongs to a Frenchman who quietly entered an Apple store before destroying everything with a steel ball .

Thieves slip gadgets worth $ 27,000 into the robbery of the Apple Store
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