Gi Fly Quick Folding Electric Bike

Go from walking to riding in an instant with the electric folding bike Gi Fly. With its patent-pending FlyFolding system, this e-bike folds easily in one second. Similarly, Gi Fly folds in a fluid motion so you can ride on a lift, bus, train or subway. Designed to move like a piece of luggage, you can always roll Gi Fly next to you instead of wearing it. The 250-watt rear wheel motor lets you travel 40 miles while complying with international e-bike regulations. In addition, the fast-folding electric bicycle offers three electric assist speeds from which you can choose. Likewise, you can ride it as you would a regular bike. Using Bluetooth technology, Gi Fly detects when you are 10 feet away from your folded bike and locks automatically. You can also control the mechanical lock or one of Gi Fly's features through the app.

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