Microsoft announces All Access, a sweet Xbox financing plan with a not-so-sweet catch

A few days ago, we heard rumors about a service called Xbox All Access, which would allow users to rent a console Xbox One for a monthly subscription, access to the console itself and Xbox online services . Today, we learned that it was very real, via a Microsoft blog that the company had set up and quickly removed. He has since moved the information on a new page on the main site.

All the details reported earlier this month seem to be correct. For a monthly fee paid over two years, you can basically rent an Xbox One with access to Game Pass and Xbox Live. Prices are $ 22 for a One S and $ 35 for a One X . After the two year period, you own the console.

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There is a warning so far unknown: To get the console, you will have to go to a real Microsoft shop of which there is very little (19459005). If you live in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia or in Wyoming, you are unlikely.

Still, it's a good way to reduce the barrier to getting into console games. The asking price of a console can be a major deterrent for those who do not have a few hundred dollars. But letting users spread the price over two years would be a way to get a more frugal audience on board. In addition, I suspect that it will be as much for Microsoft as for consumers.

Since the company is working on its next-generation console codename "Scarlett", it ensures that its current console receives the most attention possible before focus on the new baby. And goodness knows that Xbox One could use the help.

The Xbox One is by no means a disappointment, but the scary sales of the PS4 mean that Sony's offer has always exceeded it. Microsoft no longer publishes sales figures, but an EA leader hinted at the beginning of this year – that assuming that Sony's own numbers are correct – only the Half of them sold PS4. And while the Nintendo Switch has not been on the market nearly as long, its sales also have a rather zipped appearance compared to the One.

Call me a jaded cynic, but it sounds like an ultimate effort to get people on the Xbox One train before Microsoft starts creating hype for its next console. This may seem counterintuitive, but I think Microsoft intends to produce more loyal fans with this agreement that will be the first to adopt Project Scarlett whenever it will be released.

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