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Kinesis Freestyle Edge Split Gaming Keyboard

Experience freedom of play like never before with the Kinesis Freestyle Edge Split gaming keyboard. Offering a 20-inch adjustable split, this device allows you to customize your gaming platform to meet your needs. Designed for ultimate performance, control and comfort, the Freestyle Edge even lets you play with one hand. Similarly, you can easily rotate the keyboard to optimize key coverage, place the mouse in the center, and more. In addition, the Freestyle Edge comes with Cherry MX mechanical switches, making it suitable for professional players. It offers incredibly fast operation and unparalleled durability. In fact, it can withstand 50 million key strokes. Using the SmartSet programming engine, you can program the keyboard without any software or driver installation. Offering 4 MB of onboard storage, the keyboard saves your custom settings so you can take them with you wherever you go.

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