PlayStation 4 finally allows Switch and Xbox cross-play with new Fortnite beta

After months of continuous pressure and needling and guilt on the part of the rest of the game industry – fans, developers and even Microsoft and Nintendo themselves – Sony finally allows a multiplatform game between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One and Switch.

The Fortnite cross-platform game begins today in open beta. All details:

– PlayStation (@PlayStation) September 26, 2018

The company is offering an open beta version in order to allow the future a cross play on " select third-party content." Curiously, this move comes less than a month after Sony's CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, apparently put the word in his mind, claiming in an interview : "On a multiplatform platform, PlayStation is always the best. place to play. He also stressed that the company already allowed cross-play with PCs, which implies that players should be satisfied.

The game that seems to have pushed the company to finally open is Fortnite, as we all probably knew. That's normal – while cross-play has been a bug for quite some time, the real scandal began earlier this year when Fortnite players discovered that they could not pass the PS4 to the Switch. Considering that Fortnite is a game in which progress is paramount and that these players were forced to start from scratch, it was not an easy task for them.

Shortly after, Nintendo and Microsoft appeared to have skyscraper shade levels in their common competitor when they announced that they would allow cross-play between their two consoles. The trailer showing the item ended with the line "Better together."

Later, Todd Howard of Bethesda announced that Sony was the primary reason why the company could not offer cross-play for its upcoming Fallout: 76 survival simulator. says that it would not offer Elder Scrolls: Legends on any console that did not allow cross-play. Considering that the PS4 was the only console that did not offer this feature at the time, it appeared as a kick to Sony's ribs.

This story of indignation does not even cover the many requests and pleas of the players. Sony has been a mom all this time, but she seems to be paying attention after all. I would have killed to be a fly when a leader of the PlayStation made this call to Microsoft and Nintendo.

In his announcement of the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, John Kodera, describes the process by which his company chose to open. the pressure:

For 24 years, we have strived to provide the best gaming experience to our fans by offering a unique perspective on PlayStation. Today, communities around certain games have evolved to the point where cross-platform experiences add significant value to players … This represents a major policy change for SIE, and we are now in the planning process to support this change.

We know how big the paradigm shift is for you, Kodera, really. One of the main reasons cited by Sony as being a barrier to cross-play is that it could not control cross-platform interactions and that granting control was not an easy task. But still, it's a happy day for those of us who have long wanted to see the world of open and connected, not arbitrated, gaming.

You'll never know how much I want to see an updated version of the Xbox / Nintendo game trailer, with a PS4 player at the last minute and shouting "Hey, sorry, I'm late" in a mic helmet.

Launch of the extended cross-play beta on PS4 as of today
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