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Razer Ouroboros Customizable Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Customize your gaming experience with the Razer Ouroboros customizable ambidextrous gaming mouse. Featuring a fully adaptable design, this device fits any shape, length and style of hand. Designed to reduce fatigue and increase comfort, the Razer Ouroboros features a retractable backrest, an adjustable arched palm rest and four interchangeable side panels. Complete with the innovative 4.8000 dpi laser sensor, the mouse ensures unbeatable accuracy, allowing you to always reach your target. For even greater control, you can adjust the tracking of the take-off path and calibrate it on your exact surface. In addition, the game mouse offers wired / wireless technology with two levels of play, allowing you to use it wirelessly or wirelessly. When the battery is low, simply plug in the USB cable to continue playing while charging. To top it off, the Razer Ouroboros offers a dedicated dpi clutch release, allowing you to achieve the ideal sensitivity.

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