Coke’s on the blockchain now

A hacker from Spain has developed a vending machine that distributes Coca-Cola in exchange for Bitcoin . But do not hope it will probably take a while before we see them in the wild.

The developer used a handful of standard materials such as a Raspberry Pi, a water pump, a touch screen, some wood and of course some programming know-how to build the machine. [1945]

Here's how the bitcoin machine works:

It appears from the video that the customer scans a QR code that requests a BTC payment, the customer then issues the payment with the help of his wallet and, once the payment is received by the machine, he distributes the Coca Cola.

The developer used the Lightning network to process Bitcoin payments quickly and economically.

But unfortunately, at present, the vending machine is only a proof of concept and of course has no affiliation with the Coca-Cola Company. Even in this case, I would certainly have installed one of these – next to my candy dispenser powered by Bitcoin of course.

If you are not aware, the Lightning network relies on the Bitcoin blockchain and is often presented as a solution to the scalability issues of its blockchain. Although it is still in its infancy, the Lightning Network is significantly speeding up the shipping of small amounts of Bitcoin.

Developers take advantage of this network to demonstrate its potential. A web application sold pixels on a digital graffiti chart for one piece per satoshi, thus allowing users to draw what they wanted … Penis.

Other developers also used the Lightning network's high-speed network to bring the roulette to the blockchain masses .

Anyone who thought that the blockchain would be responsible for inadvertently rottening our teeth.

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Posted on 1 October 2018 – 14:37 UTC

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