Microsoft’s Bing keeps surfacing racist, offensive, and probably-illegal images

Microsoft's Bing search engine has a problem of obviously offensive results, uniform exploitation of women and girls, and a totally racist attitude. And this before even turning off the "SafeSearch" feature.

HowToGeek's Chris Hoffman's report shows that looking for images of harmless terms such as "Jew" or "Michelle Obama" comes up against terrible suggestions from the search engine itself . Examples include "Jews are evil" and "Michelle Obama is a man".

Hoffman also points out that mispronouncing the word "girl" in the world means "grill" raises suggestions for exploitation. Here at TNW, we performed the same research and obtained results such as "16-year-old pretty girl" who, by clicking on this button, immediately displays more search suggestions for images at the Bing surface – the second of which is "13-year-old girl without shirt". "And that's unacceptable."

It should be noted that the misspelled results "grill" come from a search with the SafeSearch filter disabled. However, an image search for "Teen Gril" in the Bing search box in the Windows 10 search bar with SafeSearch enabled, at its default setting, clearly showed pornographic images showing hardcore sex acts .

This is troubling because, again, the default settings were turned on and these images are mixed with images of girls, which were obviously minor, some represented in underwear and without a shirt. The context makes it incredibly disturbing.

It does not stop there. Everything about virtually anything girls, women, women, or women, without SafeSearch, results in unconditional websites, images, and pornographic videos. Do not forget that these are the best results in each category.

Unfortunately, the situation is getting worse. If the words "girls" are badly written as "grills", Bing is invited to suggest that you disable SafeSearch to display adult content. It's very easy, it's so easy to change settings that even a child can access hardcore pornography in just two clicks. Regardless of whether it's "grills" on one's own, "teen grils" or even "grilling minors", misspellings spur Bing to display pornographic content and ask you to disable the filter .

And just in case you do not know what you're missing, Microsoft kindly authorized to provide a blurry preview of the images blocked by the filter.

The black boxes added by TNW – the actual results of Bing show only the blur in pixels.

And did we mention that none of this requires you to be connected to Bing? We tested everything using Chrome in Incognito mode and we also logged in normally. The results are the same in both directions.

Bing keeps begging you to look at images of girls who exploit badly. In addition, SafeSearch is not activated just a few clicks from the critter – the images that appear first are really disturbing.

And then there is racism. Bing's search suggestions are not the only ones that are problematic. These are the results: those who appear first have the most impact.

That's why it's offensive that a search for "black people" (whether SafeSearch is activated or not) returns first-page hits as a four-year satirical video that starts with representations of A black man drawing smiling watermelon and fried chicken then goes on to an equation explaining that blacks steal money and shoes from whites. Satire or not, is it really what should surface first?

Finally, if you search for the word "Jew" (again, with or without SafeSearch), the result is an overabundance of horrific pictures of deceased people. It's important to never forget the Holocaust, but are the corpses really the first-page images that Bing must surface in 2018 when someone searches for the word "Jew" himself? ?

Microsoft may blame this algorithm or claim that its results are calculated based on what people are looking for, but that is not enough.

Google search does not suggest "ugly black people" when you type "black people" for an image search, Bing does. Yahoo Search does not suggest that you unlock your porn filter if you search for "underage girls" and accidentally misspell the word "grill," Bing says. The problem is obviously more important than the algorithm, although some of the search problems are obvious examples of AI not understanding everything.

We are not saying that Microsoft is wrong, because its algorithms are not perfect. All companies that use artificial intelligence to moderate content display "Whack-A-Mole", we understand it. It's the fact that no one seems to have noticed it or, if so, no one in society seems to care about anything.

There is no excuse for Bing to work, in essence, as a janitor for reprobates and lecherous bigots. The world is already pretty perverse without Microsoft peddling the exploit with every copy of Windows 10.

We have contacted Microsoft for comments and will update this article if necessary.

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