Nintendo’s ‘souped-up’ NES Zelda loads you with gear for an easier adventure

Nintendo has created a strange new precedent with the release of Legend of Zelda SP: the original NES game, but Link starts with a lot of money and money. In a way, it's no different from a cheat code, but its way of running looks like a missed opportunity.

The game itself (SP stands for "special") is described by Nintendo in the menu as being an "enlarged version" of the original: "Live Luxury Life!". There is a separate entry in the menu with all you get from other NES games as part of the company's subscription service.

You have received the white sword, the big shield, the blue ring and the electric bracelet, as well as 255 rupees to replace this shield when a similar one eats it. Basically, they gave you everything you could find on the outside world (including the maximum number of bombs and keys), but no items you could get inside a dungeon. You also have six hearts and, traveling a bit, I determined that they were rewarded by raiding nearby hidden areas, not just assigned. Secret passages are already revealed, and so on.

Since it skips the title screen and saves the game selection, it seems that someone has basically played in the game at this point (or more likely changed the values ​​in the RAM of the game), then went to the classic starting point and made a backup. a state that loads automatically when you start or reset the game. This means that the only way to back up is to use the built-in backup states of the Switch switch, and not the impractical backup method. used by the game.

It's pretty obvious that this will be a less frustrating way to explore this challenging game, but it seems wrong with Zelda's roots. I understand that we can offer the player some of the impossible to find things like a heart hidden in a random block here and there. Getting bombs to start is also a good thing, and maybe even rings (warping is useful, and the game is rather penalizing, so reducing damage is a good thing). But the white sword?

In the first place, a player who experiences the game in this way misses one of the most emblematic moments of all the games: "It is dangerous to go alone. Take this! Then the ritual uprising of the wooden sword. And then go to the world to die again and again.

And for me, the white sword was always a kind of rite of passage in the game – your first big step to become powerful. You have gained by finding these extra heart containers, perhaps after unsuccessfully asking afterwards to be ready. Once you have it, you cut the enemies like butter.

Making it the default sword and ignoring these steps seems to let the player miss what makes Zelda Zelda.

To be fair, this is not the only version of the game you can play, the original is also available. But that seems like a missed opportunity. Why not just have a backup that you can load with this hardware, so you can continue playing normally? Why not have the option included in the launch of the original Zelda – have some ready secret backup states with different levels of articles?

Nintendo has the opportunity to introduce here a new generation of classic NES games, having provided a rather bare-bones experience with the NES Classic Edition. Why not improve them? Include the manual, God mode, developer comment? It's the legacy that the company has organized for decades and what's better than giving it the respect it deserves?

I probably think about it too much. But this Zelda SP just seems to be a hasty job, while players would appreciate something similar, but not the heavy one. It's not that these games are tamper-proof, but if they need to be manipulated, we'd like that to be done properly.

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