Apple might offer free original content with its devices next year

Apple has tried to break into the television market in a number of ways – be it its Apple TV TV App or any video content on iTunes. But multiple the rumors of recent months indicate a digital streaming service still to be launched.

A new report from CNBC indicates that the company could launch the service next year and offer it free to Apple device owners.

The report suggests that Apple will offer all content that it owns for free. It will offer this in an updated TV application, which will be preinstalled in devices such as the iPhone, the iPad and the Apple TV. In addition to free content, the app will also allow users to subscribe to services such as HBO and Starz.

Amazon also offers a program called Amazon Channels that allows Prime Video users to subscribe to channels such as HBO, Cinemax and Starz for an additional fee. If you consider that Apple has more than one billion users, compared to the 100 million premium subscribers of Amazon, the Cupertino company could well get by.

Apple allegedly spent $ 1 billion this year to create nearly 24 original "PG" programs. Earlier this year, the Cupertino-based company signed agreements with major creators such as Oprah Winfrey, Mr. Night Shyamalan and Kristen Wig.

The company's paid streaming music service, Apple Music, now has more than 50 million subscribers making it the second-largest paid streaming music service, behind Spotify. Apple would like to achieve the same success with its television service by initially offering a free subscription. He did something similar with Apple Music, giving users a free three-month trial when it was launched in 2015.

In the past, Chinese phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi and LeEco had sold bundled free content with their devices in markets such as India and China in order to attract customers. The hook of free content of Apple could attract more people to buy his devices.

Apple is the only remaining company among the big four of the technology to enter the streaming space. Amazon already has a wallet Emmy winner Google launches YouTube Originals while Facebook Watch is in its infancy. The binge-watchers are certainly delighted!

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