BoxLock secures your booty against porch pirates

This astute product, even though it is expensive, is called BoxLock . This is a keyless lock that allows the courier to scan and drop your parcels in a locked box. The system basically monitors a shipping event and then waits for the correct bar code before opening it. Once the delivery person has scanned the package, the lock opens, it sticks it in a box or shed (not supplied) and locks it. You will then recover your package as you wish.

The lock costs 129 USD.

The company appeared in the favorite series of all, Shark Tank where she introduced the system with a false door and a fake UPS type.

The internal battery lasts 30 days on a single charge and connects to your phone and home via Wi-Fi. Although the system requires a box – it's called BoxLock, after all, not a LockBox – c is an intelligent solution to those porch pirates who constantly steal my deliveries from YorkieLoversBox.

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