Sony partners with itself to manage content rights with blockchain

A partnership between Sony Corporation, Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) and Sony Global Education has announced today the development of a "system of authentication, sharing and rights management of educational data ". In other words, Sony has joined forces to put its rights management on the content on the blockchain.

"This new system is based on the system previously developed by Sony Global Education for the authentication, sharing and management of educational data rights, as well as features for processing information related to rights, "the statement said.

The press release goes on to say that the rights management system will focus on "written works". Sony's blockchain claims will allow content information to be immutably recorded.

It seems that, when it will be functional, this blockchain based rights management system will be implemented for other types of digital content, such as "electronic textbooks and the like". educational content, music, movies, virtual reality content and e-books ".

The exact details of the implementation and deployment of this system have not been clarified. Sony however indicated that it was considering marketing the system as a service.

Although IBM was not mentioned in this project, last year Sony partnered with the technology giant to create a blockchain that stores academic archives – a project that looks like strangely to the announcement made today.

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Posted on October 15, 2018 – 13:27 UTC

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