Researchers use AI and 3D printing to recreate paintings from photographs

Researchers at the MIT Computer and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have created a system capable of reproducing paintings from a single photograph, thus enabling museums and art enthusiasts alike. art to take their favorite photos and print new copies with paint textures. Called RePaint, the project uses machine learning to recreate the exact colors of each […]


3 Important Strategies For Buying Variety Snack Packs That Employees Will Love

Snacks, countertops, cabinets and drawers have become the latest addition to the office. These containers represent a challenge for companies that wish to satisfy the wishes of their employees. People want a little bit of everything, so office managers need to move forward and adapt quickly to an evolving workforce that always seems to want […]


You can pre-order Sirin Labs’ $1,000 blockchain phone – but there’s a catch

Believe it or not, Sirin Labs' thousand-dollar crypto-centric smartphone is currently here. It was officially launched today at an exclusive event in Barcelona. Blockchain fans are now able to place the first orders of the FINNEY phone, a complete smartphone with an integrated hardware portfolio to store cryptocurrency, priced at $ 999. Sirin Labs also […]