TWIICE One Exoskeleton furthers the promise of robotic mobility aids

Few things in the world of technology can really be said "done," and exoskeletons are certainly not part of their numbers. They exist, but they are all work in progress, expensive, heavy and limited. So it's great to see this team constantly working on its TWIICE portable robot, improving it immensely with the advice of motivated users.

TWIICE debuted in 2016 and, like all exoskeletons, was more promising than held. It is an exoskeleton of the lower half that supports and moves the legs of people with reduced mobility, while they support themselves with crutches. This is far from ideal, and the rigidity and weight of systems of this type make them too risky to deploy on a large scale for the moment.

But two years of refinement made all the difference. The exoskeleton weighs the same weight (it does not matter because it carries its own weight), but supports heavier users while giving more strength to its engines, which have been integrated into the body itself for the make it much less bulky.

Perhaps most importantly, however, the entire device can now be donned and activated by the user, as demonstrated by former Swiss champion and acrobat Silke Pan, cycling champion in hand, in a video. She gets up from her wheelchair in the sitting exoskeleton, attaches the fasteners to her legs and trunk, then activates the device and stands up perfectly.

She then climbs more stairs that I prefer to try. It's an athlete, after all.

This type of independence is often of crucial importance to people with physical disabilities for a multitude of reasons, and the realization of this ability has clearly been the goal of the team TWIICE.

Although the exoskeleton was the subject of a research project within the Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne ( EPFL), it is planned to create a start-up to commercialize the technology in the approach of viability. . The more they will make and the more people will use, despite their limitations, the best future versions.

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