Alibaba’s Jack Ma opens a startup hub in Kigali to support Afrikan innovation

A new center was opened in Kigali, Rwanda which aims to help the small and medium enterprises of the country, as well as the young enterprises, to the market and sale to Chinese consumers among many of its advantages.

This comes after Rwanda became the first Afrikan country to be admitted to the Electronic World Commerce Platform (eWTP).

eWTP is an original idea of ​​the founder and executive chairman of the Alibaba group, Jack Ma. In 2016, Ma proposed for the first time the eWTP concept in the Boao Asian forum. Ma explained:

I am delighted that Rwanda is the first eWTP partner in Africa, and I look forward to the development of an innovative digital economy in this country. Entrepreneurs in Rwanda and elsewhere in Africa are ready to seize the opportunities offered by the digital economy.

It is up to us all to help them succeed. People ask me, "Why Rwanda? There are so many countries in Africa: "When I arrived in Rwanda, I was shocked by his ability to accept change. If each country looked like Rwanda, think about the power of Africa. My answer is, "Why not Rwanda?

Support for Afrika Digital Startups

Since Ma's first visit to Afrika in 2017, the e-commerce giant he founded has launched several initiatives across the continent to support digital startups .

During his first visit to Afrika, he visited in Kenya and in Rwanda, Ma announced that he would create a [1945]. Fund of African young entrepreneurs with $ 10 million .

Then come a partnership between Alibaba and UNCTAD to form the e-commerce start-ups of Afrika .

Moreover, in 2018, Ma announced the Netpreneurs Prize for Africa during his first visit in South Africa as well as Training Program for Trainers in Electronic Commerce in Rwanda.

"Rwandan producers will be able to sell directly to a much larger group of customers than before, while avoiding costly middlemen. This improves productivity and profitability.

There is really no problem in doing business on a global scale, "said President Paul Kagame on the occasion of the launch of the eWTP in Rwanda.

Jack Ma and Pail Kagame among the audience at the launch of the EWTP Africa

Rwandan startups will receive support in the form of a operational infrastructure, such as trade logistics, cloud computing, mobile payments and professional training as part of their participation in the eWTP hub in Kigali.

China in Africa

Many have criticized China's general modus operandi for doing business in Afrika. In some cases, the Chinese government or Chinese organizations that come to the Afrikan countries to offer loans for the development of infrastructure should be accompanied by Severe conditions the country fails to repay.

However, in the case of Alibaba, it is refreshing to see a Chinese organization engaged not only in financial investments in Afrika, but in the context of the training of its young companies and digital start-ups in order to the future.

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