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Nebula Capsule II Android TV Pocket Cinema

Watch your favorite movies wherever you are with the nebulous Capsule II Android TV movie theater. Offering three hours of playback, this unit uses a high-quality DLP to project a stunning 720p HD image onto a surface. In fact, Capsule II protrudes 100 inches from any light-colored surface, including a screen, wall, or tent. Thanks to the OSRAM LEDs, Capsule II provides a 100% brighter screen than its predecessor. Enhanced by IntelliBright technology, the camera adjusts the localized brightness in real time for a brighter image regardless of the light around you. In addition, Capsule II offers more than 3,600 Android TV apps and games . Plus, you can easily download and watch popular streaming services such as YouTube, Amazon Prime, Hulu and more. Finally, Capsule II offers universal connectivity options, allowing you to connect and play or pair and project.

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