Gift Guide: 11 picture perfect gifts for your photographer friends

Photographers have trouble getting gifts because each of them has preferences that they may have already spent for years. But we have blind spots, we photograph. We will spend thousands of dollars on lenses, but we will never buy an appropriate camera bag, or save our photos properly, or a gadget that will make some pictures ten times easier. Scroll for gift recommendations that any photographer can appreciate.

Gnarbox or Western Digital backup drive

Well, they certainly cost a lot, so keep on scrolling through your budget if you have a budget, but they can also totally change the way someone pulls. If your photographer / relative tends to travel or go out into the wild when taking a picture, a backup solution is essential. These disks act as standalone, robust backup solutions, allowing you to unload your SD card at the end of a shooting and preview content without the required laptop.

They have been around for years, but the first ones were pretty simple and those who are "professional" cost thousands of dollars. The latest generation, characterized by the Gnarbox and Western Digital devices, finds a balance and is subject to a fairly thorough review.

The Gnarbox is the best device (interface and tools faster and well improved), but more expensive – the latest version with 256 GB of available space (probably the ideal point in terms of capacity) cost $ 400 ]. A comparable WD device cost about half of it . If you and some friends want to throw you together, I would recommend you get the old one, but both do more or less the same thing.

Microfiber wipes

At the other end of the price spectrum, there are lens and screen wipes. One of the best things I have done for myself has been to order a large package of these things and store them in every jacket, coin pocket and bag I own. Henceforth, when someone needs to clean his glasses, his lens, his phone, his laptop screen or his LCD screen, it is sometimes useful to give them the fabric to keep. I was drunk with these and they are good, but there are many more sizes and packs to choose from.

SD cards and hard cases

Nowadays, most cameras use SD cards and photographers can never have too many. Anything over 16 GB is worth it – just make sure it's the mark. A good idea would be to buy an SD card case containing eight or ten objects. Too many photographers (myself included) keep their cards in small piles, drawers, pockets, etc. A nice briefcase for cards is always welcome – Pelican is the big brand for them, but as long as it's not in the bargain box, another brand is doing well.

Lens case for Moment smartphone

The best camera is the one you have with you, and most of the time, even for photographers, it's a phone. There are many sets of adhesive, magnetic, etc. lenses, but the Moment solution seems the most practical . You use their cases – most of the time tastefully, thankfully – and you choose serious lenses to insert into the built-in mount.

The optics are quite good and the lenses are big but not so big that they will weigh down a purse or a jacket pocket. Be sure to monitor and determine which phone model your friend uses.


Camera bag in oilcloth (or any other good)

Each photographer should have a padded and elegant bag for his material. I have a weakness for oilcloth and among those I recently reviewed, I think ONA Union Street is the best on the market in terms of the combined camera / output bags. That said, everyone is also interested in those of Peak Design .

Lomo'Instant Automat Instant Film Camera or Fujifilm SQ6

Nowadays, everyone is shooting digitally, but if it's a party or a road trip, the goal is to capture memories, an instant camera could be the best choice. I'm using an Automat since they've been raising money on Kickstarter and I love this thing: the mini movie is not too expensive, the filming process is pleasantly analog but not too difficult, and the camera itself is compact and well designed.

On the other hand, if you prefer something closer to the Polaroids of yesteryear (without spending money for a retro movie and a Impossible movie), the Fujifilm SQ6 is probably your best choice. It uses autofocus rather than the area, which means it's extremely simple to use, but it offers many options if you want to change the exposure.

Circular polarizer filter

Our own photo team loves these filters, which are placed at the end of a lens and change the passage of light. This one in particular allows the camera to see more detail in the clouds and otherwise change the appearance of a scene with an upper half and a lower half. Anyone can use one, and even if they already have one, it's good to have spare parts. Polaroid is a good brand for these, but again, any household name with good reviews should be appropriate.

The only problem here is that you need the right size. The next time you see your friend's camera hanging around, look at the lens on it. Inside this one, right next to the glass, there should be a measurement to the millimeter – NOT the one on the side of the lens, it's the focal length. The figure located at the end of the lens indicates the diameter of the filter to be obtained.


Wireless Trigger

If you take a group photo or a selfie, you can still perform the classic tourbillon timer, but if you do not want to leave anything to chance, a wireless remote is a clutch. Basically, these things come from pressing the shutter button, even though some include commands such as mode switches and so on.

Unfortunately, like filters, triggers are often model-specific. The major camera companies have theirs, but if you want to be clever, opt for a cross-platform device such as the Hama DCCSystem . These can be a bit difficult to find, so do not worry about getting the camera-specific type instead.

Blackrapid bracelet (or any personalized bracelet)

Another choice among our video and photo team, Blackrapid cross straps take a little time to get used to, but they make a lot of sense. The camera is hanging upside down and you grab it with one hand to bring it to the firing position with one movement. When you're done, he stays out of the way instead of banging your chest. And as it attaches to the bottom plate of your camera, you will not have the straps so much different from the angle under which you want to hold the camera.

If you think your photographer friend is not interested in this unorthodox filming style, do not worry, a nice "normal" strap is also a great gift. Having a couple of choices, especially those that can be swapped quickly, is always nice in case one of them is damaged or unsuitable for a certain shoot.

Subscription Adobe

Most photographers use Adobe software, usually Lightroom or Photoshop, and unlike the previous day, you do not buy a copy anymore: it's a subscription. Fortunately, you can still buy a year for someone in the form of a gift card. Unfortunately, you can not buy a half-year or one that fits your budget – it's the $ 120 annual photography package or nothing.

Printing Services

Too many digital photos end up staying on hard drives, only to be skimmed from time to time or downloaded to places like Facebook in a very degraded form. But if the opportunity arises (and a gift certificate from you), they will print giant versions of their favorite snapshots and be happy to have done so.

I bought a nice printer a long time ago and I now print my own photos, so I do not use these services. However, I trust The choices of Wirecutter Nations Photo Lab and AdoramaPix. $ 30 to $ 40 will go a long way.


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